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Tuesday, 01 September 2009


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Hi Chris
Just found the stuff you have written on evolution. Pity I didn't find it earlier really.

Two things that strike me.
1 I am fed up with christians who see the bible as a scientific book. The word of God is the word of God it is about God not science. The Genesis Creation stories were not told to help us to understand how God create but they tell us a great deal about our relationship to God and God's relationship to planet earth.

2 I have started thinking more about the idea of God as an artist rather than a Scientific designer. I particularly like the ideas of W H Vanstone in love's endevour loves expense where he talks about the risk of the artist takes in creating art works. Perhaps this is something to explore further. Another thought is that engineering is often seen as sit down do a design and build but often it is a much more fluid cycle you sit down do a design create then improve/alter/correct and the cycle continues. Is this away of seeing God in action, is god really an engineer.

Hello Chris, I have written extensively about evolution in my other blog. Your first sentence implies you've seen it. If not, go to http://chrississons.typepad.co.uk/exploring_ecumenism/ and then look under the category 'science'.

1. This is precisely the point Armstrong makes about confusion of mythos and logos. Dawkins does it when he attacks creationism with science. Creationists do it when they attack evolution with theology. Creationism is bad theology. It's not bad science; it isn't science.

2. I'm not sure how risky art is but I take your point. I think I've expressed it as a conversation where a new reality emerges. I certainly agree that 'design' implies God had a blueprint and then things went wrong (sin). (See http://chrississons.typepad.co.uk/exploring_ecumenism/2009/05/god-does-not-design-things.html). But this fixes God in one correct way from the start of time.

Freedom and pain go together. God is not a God of wrath but suffering with creation as God and creation participate in what's coming next. I think this is Wesley's view, ie God's plan will be revealed at the end. Creationists are trying to showhorn God's plan into reality rather than trusting in God that all work out in the best of all possible worlds. Is God really an engineer? Well possibly, but beware of the temptation to create God in your own image!

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