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Monday, 06 February 2012


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This is draconian. It is using a steamhammer to crack a nut.

We are going to have problems here just because people are parochial and there have not been many other local chances to take the course.

As a stopgap, can anyone tell me what is to stop anyone resigning, then taking up office again and then needing to train as a new recruit? It might at least buy some time to get those who are willing but who have not yet been through the course trained up without having had to debar them from office......

Thank you. I'm surprised the thread on Facebook has started up again. As far as local preachers are concerned I believe the decision to suspend someone is ultimately for the LP meeting. If a LP was in trouble for some other reason it would be a LP decision. I don't see why it should be different for failure to attend a training session. I would have thought (1) if they are willing to do the training but missed it for some reason, sign them up for the next one and let them continue in post, and (2) if they refuse to do the training, it's a pastoral matter. Are there really no alternatives? My circuit's training consisted of someone reading the manual out loud. If the Super is satisfied that the person who refuses to do the training has read the manual, why should that not be enough? It becomes a matter of finding a compromise that enables the spirit of the Conference decision to be carried out. I would like to know, if there is anyone who refuses to co-operate, the reason for their refusal. Otherwise, we're not worrying about anything real.

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