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Monday, 17 August 2009


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Chris Pritchard

Hi what you say about communion is very interesting although the situation is slightly different in wales becasue of our long standing covenenant, I am told that the church in Wales will allow a methodist to poreside at communion although I am not sure that it happens very regularly.

Chris Pritchard

OOPs that should say preside!

Chris Sissons

Hello Chris, good to hear from you. Usually I mention England at some point to underline the variation between countries. You are right, it is different with the Church in Wales. I remember a shared communion service presided over jointly by Church in Wales and Methodist ministers. This would not be permitted in England. One remarkable thing about ecumenism in Great Britain are the enormous differences between the three (or four) countries.

I intend to discuss this in more depth in a day or two, so keep reading!

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