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Monday, 01 February 2010


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God Space

God will raise you up and position you for the work that is in the heart of God.
We need to step out and fulfill the purposes and plans of God. Work the fields in the
Passion that He has placed in your heart.

For out of the heart flow the issues of life. Your true life flow will be and expression and release of the waters of life that our Lord has placed in you. What are your true hearts desires. Seek the Lord to reveal how these godly desires and passions are to be release to work out the plan of God. One good place to start, is how can this passion of your heart be a blessing to others.

Jesus came to give life, to comfort and heal the wounds and hurts of the people of his land. To reveal the love of God and to let the world know that our heavenly Father is a true loving compassionate father and will do everything is his power to protect, guide and comfort his people. His people are the men and woman that love Him and seek His face and their hearts desire is to please their heavenly Father. To serve Him with all their heart.

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