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Friday, 03 December 2010


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Simon Cozens

Chris, I wonder if you've misread John on this one.

The way I read it, his part about "no other authorities" points forward to "the only loyalty we can own is to the two bits of rough wood", not backward to "evangelism."

In the same way, John is locating the truth in the cross of Christ, not (sometimes despite) our varied interpretations of its meaning and significance.

In short, I think he's saying the exact opposite of what you think he's saying.

Chris Sissons

You may be right. This is a difficult argument. The point I'm making, and the argument continues in my next post, is that faith is a life lived rather than an ideological debate. The previous post shows my background and experience has been of evangelicalism as ideology. Evangelism is not about being right, the massive diversity of Christian testimony bears witness to that. An ideological approach leads to conflict and division. I do agree with John but I am concerned that he and many others do not address the dangers of being right.

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