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Friday, 11 December 2009


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I could ahrdly agree with you maore about Santa. Check out what I wrota about evidence for his existence and for links to research on how children deal with this strange adult behaviour.

Sorry - I was using someone else's keyboard in the dark...

Thank you for this link. If other readers see this, they might like to visit your site and also follow some of the links to other related posts.

Your emphasis is on the implications for individual children whilst mine is on the implications for wider society and so our views complement each others.

We are ll entitled of our own belief or faith. What matter is how e live our lives. People believe on supreme being while others don't. Others celebrate Christmas and other didn't. This is just a manifestation of individual faith. Keep it up.

Of course we're all entitled to our beliefs. But we depend on one another to challenge our unexamined beliefs. It is easy not to believe in any God but we don't consider what believing involves in practice.

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